[Food Review] Triple Three @ Mandarin Orchard Hotel

A posh restaurant in a classy hotel, Triple Three really promises quality in every bite, and the spread that was available was rather breath-taking.


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THAI food trail!

Kanchanaburi – a remote countryside area located in the outskirts of Thailand; certainly not a magnet for tourist, although you’ll see the occasional backpacker walking around. Things here certainly are cheap (5 baht [20 cents sgd] for a sushi???) but the quality and variety are questionable.

I gasped (in horror) as I watched the shopkeeper douse cans after cans of evaporated and condensed milk together with tablespoons of sugar into my friend’s XL ice milk tea (and by XL i really mean it) ~

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[Food Review] Kabe no Ana @ Jurong Point

Kabe no Ana – ‘hole in the wall’. This interesting little restaurant prides on being the creator of fusing spaghetti with Japanese cuisine, and I must say they’ve been doing a good job so far. In fact, on of their highlights is probably their healthier use of ingredients and cooking methods, like less oil, using olive oil and so on, and this has attracted some of the more health conscious people that still which to enjoy some good pasta.

Mentaiko Carbonara ($13.90)

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[Food Review] Drury Lane Cafe

This bright red little cafe along Tanjong Pagar Road has a warm and comforting interior and an extensive menu comprising of many interesting food. From salted egg yolk eggs ben to pay-what-you-want muffins, this cafe packs with many small surprises here and there. What I like most here is the free wifi and power, so you can relax with your computers on a lazy weekend.

Salted Egg Yolk Eggs Benedict [$17]
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[Food Compilation] All Things Mentaiko!

Mentaiko – seared flying fish roe. Topped on pastries, mixed with pasta, seared with sushi… The possibilities are endless! This delicious addition to so many food makes good food even better. I simply love mentaiko – here’s where some of them can be found!

I’m still in the midst of making this, so stay tuned for more!

1. Melty Mentaiko & Seafood Ragout Vols-au-vents ($12.80)

TCC’s Mentaiko Pastry

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[Food Review] Kai Sushi and Robatayaki @ Plaza Singapura

Aburi Chirashi Don [$24.80]
I have to admit, I love all things aburi-ed. There simply isn’t enough options of Aburi Chirashi Dons in Singapore! (So far I only know of this, The Sushi Bar and Tatsuya). In fact, I find it outrageous how is it possible that such a good aburi chirashi don isn’t made popular across Singapore! (I only knew of this place through a friend).

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