[Food Review] J is for Pasta J

Pasta again? Well, I am certainly guilty as convicted. There’s no denying that I’m a pasta lover, I mean what can possibly ever defeat a plate of al dente pasta soaked with luscious cream or tossed with olive oil? That level of fragrance and indulgence is certainly real!

Upper Thomson is by far not an unfamiliar location to many foodies, having such a huge assembly of big-time names like Pacamara or Habitat Coffee, and new rookies like Sushiro entering and stunning the entire market there, it seems like Pasta J wouldn’t be the top choice for many people.


Nonetheless, many of those customers that walk into this shop will almost never get disappointed by the standards and innovative dishes crafted by them, allowing them to retain their loyal old customers while vying for new ones constantly with ever more house specials.

Smoked Char Siew Baby Pork Ribs with Pineapple Pasta

Their house special that isn’t on the regular menu. The Baby Pork Ribs were made in house, smoked by their own personal smoker which they had acquired. end state? Perfectly smoked char siew that had tender and succulent meat. Together with the savoury-sweet pineapple sauce that was tossed with fusilli, the pasta made the perfect pairing with the well done ribs.

Salmon Carbonara

A popular dish at Pasta J, being their signature dish, the tender and succulent salmon meat was really sweet and tasty, together with a crunchy skin. Plus, the carbonara that didn’t contain butter or egg was extremely well done, being al dente and had a nice sauce that wasn’t overwhelmingly creamy like most other carbonaras usually are.

Lemon Yogurt Chicken

Greek Yogurt? I mean how else to call a Pasta innovative. This dish tasted really good too, but I’ll leave you to try it yourself to decide whether it was a disaster or a surprisingly good dish.

Check out my Instagram (@icyfury) for more posts on Pasta J.

In particular, I would like to recommend to all to try their Mac and Cheese Ver. 3chunks of beef and pork mixed with a large quantity of delicious savoury cheese together with al dente fusilli, that my friends, is the epitome of HEAVEN.

Pasta J
205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345
Email ask@pastaj.com
Call +65 9004 1800
Open everyday
Weekdays: 12pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 10.30am-10.30pm



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