[Food Review] Tori King Ramen Keisuke @ 100AM Mall

Honestly, how often can you find a bowl of ramen that has a juicy grilled chicken leg inside? Tori King Ramen Keisuke, one of the branches of the famous Keisuke franchise, promises just that.


A creamy rich chicken broth (seriously good!) together with a slice of pork, a runny egg, nori seaweed and paired with the star of the show – grilled chicken that is cooked so well that the tender meat can be easily torn off the bone.

In fact, to shake things up even further, why not ask for an extra dollop of WASABI, or some spicy black garlic?

Green Spicy Tori King Ramen Special (All Toppings) [$16.90]
With options to customise your own bowl of ramen, such as no oil, ramen texture, adding pork/ seaweed, you can get your own unique bowl, customised to your wants!

Black Spicy Tori King Ramen [$12.90]
What can be better than free eggs and beansprout? These condiments are given to you free flow!

*Interesting note* The white eggs are higher in cholesterol, and all the eggs are procured from Chew’s.


I’ve attached their menu for easy reference.

20160430_124948 20160430_124951 20160430_125002 20160430_12500620160430_125033

Ramen Keisuke Tori King(鶏王)
#03-15 100AM 100 Tras Street Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 11:30 – 15:00 / 17:30 – 22:00

rich and creamy


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