[Food Review] Returning to Five and Dime

I write this post bearing sad news… Five and Dime would be closing down after 29 April 2016… do head down to try some of their popular dishes before they close down!


Five and Dime is no stranger to many of us, with their popular fusion food and their special Golden Salted Egg Yolk Lava Cake, and I returned to Five and Dime to try some of their other famous dishes.

Salmon Rocket ($15) – seared salmon sashimi wrapped around crunchy veggies!
Soft shell crab salad ($15) – Crunchy and juicy soft shell crab on a bed of salad and topped with ebiko!


Mac and Cheese ($15) – with a Lobster cream base, this Mac and Cheese is unbelievably tasty!
Mentaiko Pasta ($18)

Okay, $18 may really sound quite expensive for a seemingly simple dish of mentaiko pasta, but this dish was really tasty! Think of mentaiko tossed pasta thats topped with even more mentaiko? This is one of the best tasting mentaiko pasta I’ve ever had!


Guinness Beef Stew ($20) – how better to stew beef than in Guinness Beer?
Smoked Duck with Foie Gras and Soba Maki

This dish was just, WOW, I mean who doesn’t love smoked duck with some pan fried Foie Gras along with an interesting Soba Maki?


Earl Grey Chocolate Tart ($12) – topped with a nicely cut strawberry, this Earl Grey Tart is the perfect sweet ending to your dinner!

Let me end off with the ever tireless video of this Golden Lava Cake



aurum est potesta


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