[Food Review] The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey

For those who do not drive, the food heaven at Dempsey would probably be quite far for you (no MRT near it), but the drive (pun intended) to indulge in some of the best brunches in Singapore would probably be enough to push you to walk all the way in to Dempsey, working off some of those calories that you’ll probably convince yourself that you deserve to consume later on.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Disgruntled chef!

Mentaiko Pasta with Scallops ($20++)

For those looking for a good dish of strong mentaiko flavours, you will definitely be disappointed by their rendition of the Mentaiko Pasta as the taste of mentaiko was rather subtle. The plump, juicy and nicely grilled scallops, however, saved the dish from absolute distruction.

Truffle Mac and Cheese with Crayfish ($21.00)

This seemingly unassuming and simple dish turned out to be the best! The creamy and cheesy mac and cheese paired with its aromatic truffle sauce and chewy crayfish meat made every cent of this dish worth it! (though it certainly is on the expensive side for a dish of mac and cheese)

creamy and aromatic
Corned beef hash on toasted brioche ($26)
Steak and Eggs ($31) – steak was nicely done, juicy and chewy!

Moral of the story? – seemingly simple things in life can be the most beautiful as well.

The Disgruntled Chef

26B Dempsey Road
Singapore (247693)

28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore (069708)

simplicity is beauty


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