THAI food trail!

Kanchanaburi – a remote countryside area located in the outskirts of Thailand; certainly not a magnet for tourist, although you’ll see the occasional backpacker walking around. Things here certainly are cheap (5 baht [20 cents sgd] for a sushi???) but the quality and variety are questionable.

I gasped (in horror) as I watched the shopkeeper douse cans after cans of evaporated and condensed milk together with tablespoons of sugar into my friend’s XL ice milk tea (and by XL i really mean it) ~

1. Taraburee Restaurant
A floating restaurant with an interesting concept but serves mediocre chinese cuisine that more than just disappoints


2. Cheap Sushi (5 baht per piece!)
Cute little pieces of sushi with tiny prices, with different interesting combinations like quail egg sushi or century egg sushi or angry bird sushi!


3. Fuji Restaurant
A typical japanese restaurant that can easily be replaced by any other in Singapore

… one thing worth mentioning might be their mentaiko spaghetti [160 baht ~ 6 SGD] though, however it was a pity as the chilli that was in it covered the taste of its mentaiko…


4. Mister Donut
Interesting donut shop that serves a variety of nicely decorated donuts!

5. White Chocolate Hokkaido Milk
Smooth and rich hokkaido milk infused with pure white belgium chocolate, heavenly taste that would make you want to drink bottle after bottle! – a tad expensive though, was 60 baht (2.50SGD) per bottle


6. Sticky Mango Rice
What is going to thailand without having sticky mango rice? This roadside delight can be found almost everywhere at similar pricing (mine was 80 baht ~ 3SGD)


7. Coconut Ice Cream
Thailand is one hot country blessed with an abundance of cooling coconuts – how else best to counter the heat that to gobble down some coconut ice cream nicely sitted on top of a bed of coconut meat in its shell? Plus points for presentation!


8. Takeaway mini unagi don and onigiri


9. Hong Kong Waffles
similar to those found in Singapore, nothing special here…

10. Bake a Wish
… simply another bakery that’s similar to those found in Singapore, although the cream puff seems slightly better, warm and crispy crust filled with chilled creamy interior.

11. Chef Joe
interesting cheese cake with brownies in a jar


12. Sushi Den
a sushi bar that serves pretty decent Japanese food

Salmon Don – rather unimpressive, the salmon didn’t feel fresh enough, and the single slice of aburi salmon didn’t really pack a punch. I’ve certainly had better ones in Singapore.
Mentaiko Udon – strong mentaiko flavour, really delicious compared to the one in Fuji
Aburi Sushi Platter – quite impressive, the fatty salmon was nicely seared while the huge scallop and juicy beef brought joy to our mouths



a world of food


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