[Food Compilation] All Things Mentaiko!

Mentaiko – seared flying fish roe. Topped on pastries, mixed with pasta, seared with sushi… The possibilities are endless! This delicious addition to so many food makes good food even better. I simply love mentaiko – here’s where some of them can be found!

I’m still in the midst of making this, so stay tuned for more!

1. Melty Mentaiko & Seafood Ragout Vols-au-vents ($12.80)

TCC’s Mentaiko Pastry

Well, the name says it all! TCC’s melty mentaiko pastry is simply delightful, the mentaiko taste is strong, the pastry is crispy and hot, and the seafood within is perfectly mixed with their special sauce that would make you crave for more! This dish is something that I would highly recommend!

overflowing seafood

The Connoisseur Concerto
6737 3317
Sunday to Thursday & PH – 8am to 11pm
Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH – 8am to 1.30am
… too many outlets to list, find them all here!



2. Grilled Scallops with Mentaiko Cheese Sauce ($12.80)

Tampopo’s Grilled Scallops

Seriously cheesy! This dish would be loved by all cheese-lovers, the amount of cheese used in this dish is certainly not sparing at all. However, it disappointed me a little when it failed to distinguish its mentaiko sauce, and you can certainly find better (maybe cheaper too) alternatives of this dish with stronger mentaiko sauces. Go for the cheese rather than the mentaiko!

391B Orchard Road, #B2-33, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872
6235 2318
11am – 10pm

3. Mentaiko Carbonara

Kabe no Ana’s mentaiko carbonara ($13.90)

Read more about it here.

Fuji’s rendition of mentaiko pasta [Thailand]
Tokyo Pasta’s rendition – real mentaiko at the side! ($7.80)

 (Tokyo Pasta is located in some foodcourts [FoodRepublic] such as the one in Wisma Atria and 313 Somerset)

4. Mentaiko Udon

Sushi Den’s Mentaiko Udon

Read more about it here.

5. Mentaiko Baguette

Triple Three’s Mentaiko Baguette, assorted cheese and bread

Read more about it here.

strong and tasty







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