[Food Review] The East Bureau @ Marina Square

One of the salted egg desserts I had was here – located on the rooftop of Marina Square.


Photogenic? Certainly! This dish was simply made up of 3 different cream puffs, with 3 different flavours – black seseme, yam and salted egg yolk. I felt a little cheated cause I was just there for the salted egg yolk but o wells.

I shall just zoom into the salted egg yolk one then. Disappointed I was upon realising that this cold dish did not have molten salted egg yolk in there. The strong taste of cold salted egg yolk did not blend well with the soggy crust that had honey glaze and coconut filing. To top that off, the supposed bolo crust did not even taste good!

And to sum that all up, this dish cost a costly $18++(service charge and gst not included yet). Really expensive and if dining alone, it just isn’t worth it.

The East Bureau
Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #06-00 Marina Square, 039594
Phone:6837 0148

all that flows may not be gold


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