[Food Review] Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court

Situated in Liang Court, which so many describes as a place of gathering for many Japanese, Ikeikemaru is one Japanese restaurant that focuses on authenticity and quality of their food. Having heard so many positive reviews of this place, I travelled down to Ikeikemaru on a Friday evening for a good dinner.

Ikeikemaru had a interior of a comforting Japanese kaiten restaurant, with a menu so extensive that it literally blew me away! The staff were really courteous and nice to receive us and take our orders and the chefs at the counters joked with us and introduced us to a couple of their fresh imports such as the expensive Blue Fin Tuna (which they sold cheaper than outside).

I was informed that they had their sashimi flown in from Japanese fresh every week and it comes in every Friday, thus the freshest ingredients can be enjoyed over the weekends! They dispose of those that aren’t used over the week but that’s hardly the case for a popular Japanese restaurant like them! Lucky me to be here on a Friday!

I immediately sat down and had my order of their version of chirashi don – the Nagekomi Donburi, or Fisherman’s Haul Donburi.

Nagekomi Donburi

With the freshest cuts of the Chef’s recommendation nicely topped on delicious vinegared rice, this chirashi don is really delicious, and a rather affordable bowl of goodness ($29++ with a bowl of salad and miso soup). Some of the cuts that I could identify included salmon, tuna, scallops, unagi, prawns, scallop, minced tuna and many others! With fresh cuts like this, one certainly would keep coming back for more!


Visit them now at Liang Court or their sister outlet at WestGate!

West Gate Outlet








Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru
177 River Valley #B1-48 (within Meidi-ya Eateries)
Liang Court Shopping Mall
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6337 1022

3 Gateway Drive
#03-05 Westgate
Singapore 608532
+65 63699488

11:00am – 10:00pm

freshness in every cut


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