2016 CNY Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year is here again! This year round, I’ve decided to try out my culinary skills and prepare reunion dinner for my family.

Pen Cai (bought from Crystal Jade)

I did not prepare this dish Рmy dad bought it from Crystal Jade for $200++, quite worth it considering the ingredients and all. All I needed to do was cook it for 45 minutes and viola, all done.

Tuna Baked Pasta

Braised Abalone Mushrooms with Scallops

Mac and Cheese

An interesting thing about this dish – made using a microwave, rather than conventional ovens.

Fried Ice Cream

This dish – hot and crispy on the outside, but when u sink your teeth in deeper, the cold sweet ice cream meets ur tongue. Took me 4 hours to make this dish, but all worth it!

I’m certainly no great cook, but it was definitely really fun trying out some of the recipes around, and taking a break from all the good food served by great chefs outside.

food for life


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