[Food Review] The Atrium @ Holiday Inn

I went down to this buffet for Christmas Night 2015, since my dad had some 1 for 1 card promotion. I wasn’t too sure of the pricing but it was approximately a good $80 per person? Yet they certainly did not disappoint, with a huge selection of food from Japanese to Thai to Western to Chinese, and many others. They had cuts of ham and turkey as well since it was Christmas.

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi

Sadly, the only picture I managed to capture was this plate of sushi and salmon sashimi, what a pity. But looking at the quality of the food on this only plate, you can pretty much guess how good the food was that night.

My favourite dish for that night was actually pan seared foie gras topped on risotto. The buttery fat foie gras combined with creamy cheesy risotto was simply so blissful and it was cooked on the spot by a chef. I had multiple servings of it! I’m not too sure if it was only available during Christmas Night though, but I got a pretty good bet that it’s available on Sunday Brunches!

eat to live, live to eat





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