[Food Review] Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

For my first ever blog post, I have decided to dedicate it to the restaurant that I’ve been waiting for so long to try at – Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.


Situated along Greenwood Avenue (just right behind NJC), near Dunearn Road, this small Japanese restaurant can be found alongside many other small bars and restaurants, some of them rather notable such as Peperoni Pizzaria and various cafes. This small little avenue is lined with so many shops, each with their own specialities and seems to be quite a popular place for many caucasians to come down for a relaxing Sunday brunch.

Accessibility – this place is certainly not very accessible if you don’t have a car, as it is not situated near any mrt at all! I would suggest a bus ride from Clementi or Dover MRT, but it would certainly burn some of your time. But oh wells, the food here would make it worth the ride! For those with cars, there shouldn’t be much of a problem getting there.

Shin Yuu boasts some really good dishes, from their salmon aburi to their yakimono and agemono items. For many food lovers, this place should be no stranger, as it has accumulated some really good reviews over the years, and my new post only serves to reinforce those of which have come before me.


I decided to pay this place a little visit on a Sunday afternoon and was pretty surprised to find the restaurant empty!(although being a kiasu Singaporean I decided to reserve seats before hand.) The interior of the restaurant was rather small with a capacity of approximately 30 pax? But well the interior had a rather comfortable setting as compared to bigger buffets that are often bursting with so many noisy customers that can affect your dining experiences at times. They have a dedicated sushi bar counter as well so for those solo diners, have no fear in visiting this wonderful place.

… and so begins the feasting!

Sashimi Moriawase – with various cuts of salmon, salmon belly, tuna, swordfish, octopus, etc


We began with one of my dad’s favourite dishes – Sashimi Moriawase. Albiet cliche, this is one of the must-have dishes when you go to a Japanese restaurant. Although I am no fan of raw food, the freshness and succulence of each bite of the various sashimi really impressed me, though I was pretty impatient to move on to the cooked food that looked really delicious to me….

Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe

Inside this small cup of goodness, you would find not only your normal steamed egg, mushrooms and fishcake, but also a generous portion of Salmon Roe! I must say that the idea of putting roe into Chawanmushi is rather good, for the saltiness of the roe is slightly covered by the steamed egg such that its not so overwhelming!

Left- Seared Tuna Belly | Right – Salmon Aburi

And now for the star of the show – or pretty much rather the dish I’ve been waiting for

Seared Tuna Belly and Salmon Aburi

Wow. Simply wow. I can’t even begin to describe how good this dish was! The seared tuna belly sushi was a one-time complimentary item (which they would serve u when u make ur first order of the salmon aburi. The seared tuna belly honestly didnt make much of an impression with me – it was rather small portioned and really didnt taste that flavourful. On the other hand, the salmon aburi was excellent, topped with cod roe sauce and flamed to perfection, this dish simply melts in your mouth!


Avocado Unagi Maki

… I simply just cant remember what this dish is called so lets just name it Avocado Unagi Maki

Wrapped with delicious slices of unagi and seaweed and topped with some delicious slices of avocado finished with a drop of mayonnaise, this maki roll is sure to please many! Don’t bother trying to bite each piece of the maki into smaller pieces, just dump the whole piece into your mouth and begin tasting how well the whole maki blends in your mouth. This dish was really impressive that I polished off a few plates of this – all by myself!

On a side note, this dish looks awfully similar to Shiok Maki though I’ve not tried it yet (guess I know where I’m going next for my sushi fix!)

Left – Salmon Aburi | Right – Salmon Aburi Maki

If I haven’t emphasised enough on how good the Salmon Aburi sushi was, try the Salmon Aburi Maki – it simply is heaven on earth.

Salmon Aburi Maki

This dish is a must try!!! Not only wonderfully wrapped with delicious half seared salmon, the crispy salmon skin within is a perfect match for this dish! With every bite, you would learn to appreciate how good maki can be albeit the amount of sinful rice you would try to avoid in a buffet.

Try this dish no matter what, and like what my friend would always say, nuff said.

Grilled Tiger Prawns – who wouldn’t love it?

Fresh, succulent grilled tiger prawn meat, this dish really doesn’t need more introduction – the view itself explains it all.

Prawn Omelette, Grilled Squid, Scallop Mentaiyaki

These few grilled dishes was really not bad with the grilled scallop mentaiyaki being one of the more outstanding one, these are some of the must orders! (though i would advice one to try everything on the menu usually)

… the following dishes was honestly not too bad, but failed to really make a strong impression with me…

Tamago and Unagi sushi – the unagi was in a rather generously thick proportion, as compared to many unagi sushis out there that are so thinly sliced, and the tamago sushi was not too bad as well!

Pork Belly with miso sauce – the miso sauce tasted a little alcoholic, is generally not a bad dish.

Grilled Shitake mushroom – this was really grilled nicely, juicy yet crispy.

These two beef dishes was generally well done, in fact we ate the beef cubes slowly to kill time while waiting for the next dish to be served! For those who fear thick chunks of meat which is hard to chew on, have no fear, cause the meat was really tender and really (pretty much) melts in one’s mouth! The other beef dish – which I’ve forgotten the name – was more on the sweeter side, so for those with a sweet tooth, this dish is for you!

Left – Tofu Agedashi | Right – Sweet Potato Cone

The Tofu Agedashi was nicely done – crispy outer skin paired with smooth tofu within, this dish really serves as a pretty good comfort food!

Sweet Potato Cone – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Maybe to make up for the lack of deserts, which one can actually obtain by paying an additional $5 for a scoop of ice cream (though I didn’t feel rich enough) – this sweet crispy dish is really delicious to serve as an ending to your meal! This pretty little cone is filled with purple and yellow mashed sweet potato contained within a thin crust. I would say this little innovative dish won many praises on the table! Moral of the story – try it.


Shin Yuu indeed presented me with quite a few delicious options, and I would highly recommend many to go and enjoy this buffet, though prices can be rather steep for many. One good news though – prices don’t change even on weekends! So head down to this nice little cozy Japanese restaurant and enjoy some really good food!

16 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Road, Singapore 289209

Lunch: $39.90++ [Adult] ; $23.90++ [Child]
Dinner: $52.90++ [Adult]; $31.90++ [Child]
Complimentary – Toro Sashimi, Catch of the Day, Kukku Awabi(Boiled Abalone) & Japanese Ice Cream with every Ala-Carte Buffet Dinner

You can find more information on their Facebook Page.

eat to live, live to eat


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