[Food Review] Sakae Buffet @ Ngee Ann Poly

UPDATE: accurate as of 05/02/2016: the ala carte buffet is no longer available, and is instead replaced with the sushi belt buffet.


Sakae Sushi, one of the most economical Japanese restaurants in Singapore, decides to start a buffet??

That, my friends, seems to be the truth.

Although it seems to have been ongoing sometime, Sakae Sushi is indeed offering a buffet for its ala carte menu at a meagre price of $15!

For most branches, it is limited to 3pm – 6pm on weekdays, and carefully inspecting the various brochures, you would find that some only offer the belt, while others include the ala carte menu as well! Its a 90 minute buffet, 60 mins to last order and you have to leave by the 90th minute. Deserts and drinks are at a discounted price, while some of the items in the menu is off limits such as the lobsters.

Some items I would personally recommend for these branches would be:
Salmon Aburi (obviously right)
Foie Gras Sushi
The entire mentaiyaki menu
Soft Shell Crabs
Oysters (Not always available)
Ikura Shots
…and many more!

However, one special branch exists @ Ngee Ann Poly, where they offer better eating timings! On weekdays there is two sittings, one from 3pm to 6pm, the other from 6pm to 830pm! Even more special is their Saturday lunch buffet, from 1130pm to 230pm. Although it states that a maximum of 90minutes is also imposed, you can actually sit for the entire session! But key thing to note is the menu is downsized (rather significantly too), but some of the main key essentials like salmon aburi and soft shell crabs are present! They even threw in a yakimono item (Grilled Scallop with Cod Roe), which is actually unavailable in the normal branches of Sakae Sushi. All in all, its pretty worth it to head down and try out the Sakae Buffet at Ngee Ann Poly!

… and now for some pictures …

The Avocado-Unagi-Shishamo Maki

This beautiful and delicious maki contains a fat Shishamo that is wrapped with slices of unagi, topped with smooth slices of avocado and finished off with some roe – quite an interesting and delicious combination!

Sakae Maki

This Maki contains tamago, cucumber, salmon meat and is wrapped with salmon, topped with mango and sprinkled with a generous amount of roe and mayonnaise.

It really was an interesting dish! The sweet mango lifts up the taste of the entire dish, putting the entire maki into your mouth and biting it down would probably be the best decision of your life.

you have to try it, to know it.

P.S. sorry for the empty bowl of what used to contain the baby octopus 😛







eat to live, live to eat


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