[Food Review] Robata Robata

Situated within the bustling area of Jurong East, within the conveniently located shopping mall West Gate, this relatively economical Japanese buffet boast a huge spread of food.

I’ve been to this restaurant multiple times, mainly for lunch, and I must say that the lunch spread is certainly not the most enticing ones I’ve ever had. However, I took the liberty of enjoying a weekend dinner with my friends just this Saturday and I must say I had a different opinion of the place all of a sudden.

Be warned though, the price of dinner is significantly higher than lunch. Including GST and Service Charge, I paid a good $47 for a Saturday dinner, though my final verdict of the place was that it was all pretty worth it.

Fresh and Baked Cheesy Oysters

Oysters. I’ve seen so many oysters in so many places. The fresh oysters here come in batches, since they are first freshly shucked in the kitchen, or so we’re told, before being brought out. Oyster lovers would rejoice at the sight of this, having unlimited servings of this to maximise the value of their meal. However to me, the sickening seafood taste of it was simply too overwhelming, so I didn’t really enjoy it. The baked cheesy oysters was good though, having being cooked already eliminates the weird taste and actually made me enjoy eating it! Take as many cheesy oysters as you can though, since they didn’t really replenish them after a while.

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi

Robata Robata boasts a huge selection of creatively created sushi. I simply couldn’t believe the number of types of maki they spawned, with the mayonnaise sauce of different flavours dripping down these cute little makis, how can one resist trying all of them? They had a couple of salmon, tuna and swordfish sashimi too. Not too bad generally.

Cooked Food

Steamed salmon patty – well this was a pretty interesting dish, it was like steamed egg, but filled with loads of salmon, for salmon lovers this is really a good dish.

Takoyaki – the takoyaki was also nicely done, not too starchy.

Pizza and Pasta – the western part of this restaurant, the pasta was quite nice though I wouldn’t recommend taking too much of it since its really filling and not really that worth it to stuff yourself with pasta. Pizza was thinly sliced and cut into really small pieces too, so you wouldn’t bloat yourself up. This 2 dishes was generally okay.

Chicken Kebab – they even served kebab! The kebab was nicely done, crispy skin, juicy chicken topped with some delicious cheese.

They have a teppanyaki station dedicated to frying some of your favourite vegetables with a choice of chicken or fish.

Tepenyaki Dishes – Grilled Scallop Mentaiyaki, Lamb Chop, Unagi?

… and finally the main event for the night – only available for dinner – teppanyaki dishes!!

These dishes are limited to only dinner, and you have to order them by placing clips with your table number into dedicated bowls located on a table.

They had a few dishes, aside from those in the picture above, grilled beef, grilled saba fish, grilled salmon and a few more that I’ve forgotten.

Amongst the few of these, I loved the Scallop Mentaiyaki the most. It was really BIG, like the biggest scallops I’ve seen so far in the various buffets I’ve been too. It does show how much they care about serving you delicious scallops! It was also topped with some really delicious cod roe sauce and when you gobble down this piping hot dish, you would simply experience one of the best seafood dishes you have ever enjoyed in buffets.

The deserts section did have a big spread too, with the bread and butter pudding being rather delicious as well as the various little cheesecakes (they have oreo cheesecakes too!), strawberry shortcakes, chocolate fondue, and conventional ice cream.

Robata Robata has a few hits and misses here and there, some misses pretty severe, but the really good hits are more than sufficient for me to recommend one to try out this place! Go for the dinner though, for although lunch is significantly cheaper, its not really worth it to go for a mediocre buffet that doesn’t really captivate you simply for a cheaper price.

eat to live, live to eat





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