[Food Review] Buffet Town

This place really need not much of an introduction, with so much reviews of this place, its really a good place to pig out at. Their wide selections of food certainly makes people of all ages salivate!


I’ll start with the oysters. Normally, I’m not a fan of oysters. The raw seafood smell of oysters can sometimes be really overwhelming and so the maximum I take would probably not exceed the magical number of 1. But this place, I have no idea how they do it, or where they procure their oysters, but they were really fresh, juicy, fat and most of all delicious. The sickening seafood taste of oysters were quite absent and I had oysters after oysters that night. The oysters were freshly shucked on the spot professionally to ensure freshness of the dish. I reckon that the fact that they were so sweet and nice was because they were first dumped into a huge bucket of iced lemon water, thus removing the sickening taste that so many oysters possessed.

The bowl of chilli crab was really delicious too, fresh and piping hot crab meat paired with that spicy bowl of chili and egg broth – a favourite amongst locals. They eventually ran out of crabs to serve though, so they replaced it with crayfish, but no complains cause it was really nice a combination too. In fact, I liked the crayfish more actually, cheaper food doesn’t mean lower quality sometimes.

I’ll move on to the Japanese section – wow they had this huge bowl of Bara Chirashidon, which I had the liberty of taking a small scoop, various maki, and oh look salmon aburi XD.

Their section of deserts really was huge too, with the crepes – made on the spot – catching my eye the very moment I stepped into the restaurant, albeit the oysters section which was just right at the entrance.

be warned though, this 450 seater giant buffet restaurant can actually be quite noisy, especially when there simply is so many customers that patronise it, so if you are the type that simply cannot take noise, be mentally prepared. but still go for the buffet because the food is really good.

Buffet Town really is worth your money, and I do urge you to head down there now if you haven’t tried it yet. In fact, head down there again even if you tried it before!

eat to live, live to eat


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