I’m recently really hooked onto buffets, and I’ve been hunting down restaurants after restaurants, hotels after hotels, malls after malls – I can’t begin to describe how many buffets I’ve actually gobbled down already…

It all started with the $15 Sakae Sushi Buffet

Well, its been a long time since then, the same hungry boy still scours the earth looking for ever more buffets!

Sadly speaking, the only buffet review I’ve done in detail so far is the Shin Yuu Japanese restaurant one, I guess I will post much more in the future, whenever I can, as you know, typical Singaporean, same hectic schedules we all possess. Onward with combating life!

I’ll be posting some of the photos and short reviews of the various buffets I’ve tried thus far before I started this little blog of mine though, and might actually update them to a full review when I return to those shops in the future. Thats if i ever do though.

… and so I declare … BUFFET EXTRAVAGANZA!

eat to live, live to eat


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