[Food Review] J is for Pasta J

Pasta again? Well, I am certainly guilty as convicted. There’s no denying that I’m a pasta lover, I mean what can possibly ever defeat a plate of al dente pasta soaked with luscious cream or tossed with olive oil? That level of fragrance and indulgence is certainly real!

Upper Thomson is by far not an unfamiliar location to many foodies, having such a huge assembly of big-time names like Pacamara or Habitat Coffee, and new rookies like Sushiro entering and stunning the entire market there, it seems like Pasta J wouldn’t be the top choice for many people.


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Hong Kong: A Foodies’ Paradise?

‘Hong Kong’ – when these two words are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind to most of the ordinary citizen is Dim Sum. However, those that are much wiser would know that she has more than just exquisite little treats in bamboo baskets. Don’t get me wrong though, Hong Kong’s Dim Sums are top notch, rival to none, simply AMAZING. Yet, innovative young minds and western influence have brought much more twists and turns to the face of the food industry in Hong Kong. I’ve recently took the pleasure of heading down to this Land of Food, and tried out many of the dishes there that Singapore had ‘copied’ over from.


Well, I haven’t been writing for a long time now, time to start the engine again…

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[Food Review] Antoinette’s Croissants!

20160410_104749 Well, you guessed it, I’m probably in love with Antoinette (would’ve been good if it was a girl)… I’m kind of proud to say I’ve tried all of Antoinette’s croissants! (well, nearly – cause of the chocolate croissant that never made it to the shelves T.T). Here’s a list of their croissants, all at an affordable price of $6.00 (except the slightly more pricy $7.50 Chilli Crab Croissant)!

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